Sweet Baby Berlyn

Sweet Baby Berlyn

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mama's Got a New Job!

Wow, I feel like I used to have so much time on my hands before I started my new position.  I had no idea what it was like to be TRULY busy all day long!  I LOVE my new job as an Administrative Assistant for a dental college, and look forward to making it my career! 

In baby news, Berlyn is enjoying all the new clothes her mama bought her.  She loves every single outfit!  Okaaaaay, so I probably get more enjoyment out of them than she does, but still... She peed through her onesie and pants at the mall the other day, I didn't have ANY back up clothes for her and Gap was having their 30% off everything sale.  You do the math :) 

I can't believe Christmas is coming up in just a little over a month!!!  B and I have been getting into the holiday spirit by listening to Christmas music and she really does like the music (even when I sing along with an exaggerated theatre-like voice).  I can't wait to really start shopping for her and all my other loved ones.  This Christmas is going to be so much fun!  And then a couple months after that, it'll be Berlyn's 1st birthday.  Oh my gosh, time is really flying by!

So what gifts does a 10 month old baby need?  Any toys or other recommendations you can offer this new mama?  So far I've gotten her two little things but, obviously, she will need a few more things :)


  1. My top 3 faves that we had for my son and now that my baby girl loves are the fisher price laugh and learn puppy, the playskool busy ball popper and the (MUST have) 3 in 1 smart trike!!! We purchased the Ybike PEWI for the babe for Xmas but have not seen it in action yet. It's put together and looks like fun!

    1. Thank you for the recommendations!!! I am just now starting to shop for her and I have no CLUE what to get! I will definitely check these out! :)