Sweet Baby Berlyn

Sweet Baby Berlyn

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Little Crawler is 7 Months Old!

I cannot believe my little munchkin is 7 months old today.  I don't remember my pregnancy flying by this fast and I can't handle it!  My baby has 7 teeth (4 on top, 3 on bottom) with her two canines coming through soon, is crawling, eating solids, and blabbing sounds that I know will soon turn into words.

Berlyn is SUCH a joy to be around.  She smiles at pretty much anything, is crawling all over the place, and makes me laugh all the time.  Whenever I look back at pictures of her when she was just born I can't help but wonder what the next 7 months will bring. 

She is about halfway trained on a sippy cup but she is doing good with it.  We feed her 6 oz. of formula before her breakfast and dinner meals and 8 oz. for every other feeding.  I make all her baby food with the Beaba Babycook (shown below).  I steam her food in the Babycook before I blend it up for her.  Since last month she has tried plums and squash.  Her pediatrician recommended we start feeding her dark meat from chicken because she is growing fast and her bones need the extra iron. 

I got the Beaba on sale at Target.com for $100 about two months ago

At her 6 month appointment, Berlyn's doctor told us she is off the charts with her weight and height and was the size of a 10 month old baby.  I feel like she outgrows all of her clothes sooo fast.  I have to keep packing away stuff every week that she no longer fits into.  It's so sad to see all the cute little clothes she used to wear, but it's bittersweet at the same time.  She is now wearing size 9 or 12 months in onesies and size 12 or 12-18 months in leggings/bottoms because of her LONG legs!  I was out shopping today and a lady thought Berlyn was a year old.  I couldn't believe it!  Next on the list is a new convertible car seat I have my eye on since she has outgrown the one she's in now.

Last weekend Berlyn and I went to spend time with family at my grandma's house.  She cooked us all yummy food for dinner and we had a good time visiting with them.  Here are a few pictures from that night!

Berlynny Boo playing with her stackable rings

My dad and Berlyn (look at those rolls!)

My grandma (I don't know what she's doing!), me, and Berlyn

Ginger, her daughter, and my Aunt Telly!

Once again, being a busy busy bee, I will have to update this post with Berlyn's 7 month chalkboard photo as soon as my husband is here to help me :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

Okay, I know it took me a while to get her 6 month photo taken, but it is hard to do by myself!  I had to wait until Justin was with me and we could do it together (I take the picture while he stands by her in case she topples over).  Luckily, this time she did not fall over!  Looks like my big girl can finally sit up on her own. *Proud Mama*

Here is a picture of the lighting situation we had to come up with since the natural light I usually take the picture with was not working out.

Then, we had a couple of outtakes with Berlyn until we get the perfect shot.  Here are a couple of them, and I laugh every time I look at them!

And then, after quite a few of these, we captured THE one.  It couldn't be any cuter!  You probably can't read her onesie from the picture, but it says "I eat my veggies."  This onesie from The Gap was perfect for this photo!  Baby girl loves her veggies!

P.s. I can't believe she is halfway on her way to being 1 year old... Well, technically, being a "Leap Year Baby," she won't be 1 for another 3 and a half years... Yeah, I'll go with that - she will be a baby forever.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

6 Months Have Gone By Already?!

I swear that 6 months did not go by this fast during any other part of my life.  But I guess time really does fly when you're having fun.  Berlyn is now 6 months and 4 days old, and growing right before my very eyes.  She now has FOUR cute little baby teeth and is eating (and loving) all her fruits and veggies!  So far, she has had sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, pears, and apples!  Next on the list is squash and bananas!  I also want to try feeding her oatmeal instead of rice cereal; it seems like it is a little healthier for her.

When she got her first bottom teeth, she did not seem to have any symptoms at all.  But, now that I look back on it, she did seem a little cranky and her nap times were a little wacky.  As for her two top teeth, she had a fever between 99 and 101 degrees for about 4 1/2 days, didn't eat like she normally does, and didn't sleep too great.  I felt so bad for her the whole time; she woke up in the middle of the night when her teeth were first cutting through and all she wanted to do was cuddle.  It is so hard to watch your baby in pain.  All you want to do is comfort them and there is nothing you can do. 

Life has been so hectic lately that I have not had time to do Berlyn's monthly chalkboard photo.  I will update this post once I get it taken, but for now, here are some pictures that I have taken of her this past month!