Sweet Baby Berlyn

Sweet Baby Berlyn

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July!

We hope everyone's 4th of July was just as fun as ours was!  Originally we had planned to be poolside at my dad's house, but that didn't work out.  We reverted back to plan b: order in sushi while the baby napped, and soaked up all the a/c we could.  Then, I had an epitome.  I was NOT about to sit inside (on my day off) and let the beautiful day outside just pass me by.  NO.  I wanted to get out and have fun with my family!

We ended up going to my friend's parent's house to swim and have a couple cocktails by the pool.  Berlyn has slowly but surely been getting more and more comfortable around water.  The first time she touched beach water she FREAKED.  Now she is okay with it, and even more okay with pool water.  So we packed up her diaper bag with food, snacks, towels, sunblock, and a baby raft, and we were on our way. 

Of course when we got there, I had forgotten to pack her sunglasses and a hat.  Go figure, I forget something EVERY time we go somewhere!  Luckily, our friend's have nephews and one of his baseball hats was left behind for us to borrow for the day.  Also, one of the girls there offered up her sunglasses for the Boo to wear.  She does look stylish, if I do say so myself...

But, I digress.

We stayed there for a bit, played in the pool, went underwater, and ate some chips...

And then we went next door where they had an amazing pool, a jumper, powerwheels (so rad that I actually drove one. by myself.), a poolhouse with surround sound, a playground complete with beach sand, and all the food and drinks you could want.  Berlyn wasn't in that great of a mood that day since she only had one short nap before we got there, but she was a trooper. 

When we finally got home, the fireworks starting going off.  Sadly, it was Berlyns bed time so we didn't get to stay up and watch them.  That didn't stop them from going off though.  At 10 at night.  Sounding. Like. A. Gunshot.  I bathed Berlyn, gave her some milk, and put her down.  She was out before I put on MY pajamas.  I'm just thankful the firework bombs didn't wake up B.  I would have been furious!

Overall it was a good day.  It started out weird but nothing is better than spending time with your friends and playing in a pool with your baby!  ...I hope someday our pool gets fixed.  That requires a whooooole other post... I'm actually about to snap some pictures of our backyard and submit them to HGTV for a YARDCRASH... Ugh, end rant.

Next post?  Our backyard *before* pictures.  It's embarrassing to post them, but I am determined to get my backyard in shape before the end of summer.  I will post progress pictures as we move along, but for now here's a picture of something I'm not embarrassed of.

Have a great week everyone!  It's supposed to be near the 90's here for the most part... 

Can't it just be Christmas already?!

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